Calloway County's Curbside Recycling Service

Materials List

Please, read carefully for the products we will pick up.

We take Plastic #1 and #2 with the recycle emblem on the bottom of the container.  Look for the recycle triangle with numbers 1 or 2 inside the triangle.  Please, put all plastics in a plastic trash bag for pick up.


  • Plastic Wrap
  • Newspaper sleeves
  • Unlabeled plastic containers  (look for the word “recyclable” or the trademark recycle triangle)

Paper is treated with the same rules as cardboard. We cannot take paper that is heavily soiled or coated with wax or plastic.  Shiny paper plates or Chinese take-out boxes are an example of this.


  • Facial/toilet tissue
  • Waxed cardboard (like milk cartons and juice boxes)
  • Paper towels
  • Food or oil-contaminated paper

We can take pretty much any glass container, such as bottles and jars.

WE CANNOT ACCEPT pane glass or windows.

Cardboard, whether whole or in pieces, is accepted provided it is not heavily soiled or waxed.  Cardboard boxes should be broken down into as flat a form as possible.  We do not accept waxed cardboard.  Waxed cardboard are materials such as juice boxes or milk cartons.

Phone books can start to collect over the years; so why throw them away when they can be recycled?  The Art Department at Murray State also accepts phone books.  They are used in the print-making classes to help wipe ink from plates.

Metal cans, or tin-coated steel, are accepted.  The can must also be clean of food and debris.

Other metals (aka scrap metal) are also accepted. Please call 270.293.8901 for large item pickups.

All types of aluminum are accepted. Cans should be washed out and then crushed.